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Simple plan 
to enjoy the most iconic sights of Paris
during five days 

Why 5 days plan in Paris?

Paris is slow to show her beauty. You will need at least 5 days to the time to get over the jet lag, get some rest after a long flight, to unpack and explore.
In this plan below, you should pencil all the classics that you want to see, get inspired with some ideas for restaurants on the route and discover the few remaining safe &clean areas to explore in Paris.
I organized all my ideas in a fluid 5 days plan.
I added some good spots to taste the unique french food, to meet the locals, to do some shopping, to take some amazing pictures...

Day 1 - Introduction to Paris

A simple introduction to Paris city, its history, its famous places, its best food.
A tour guide can come pick-you up at your hotel and start walking slowly around your hotel.
You will discover the quarter where you will be staying in and show you the basics: how to use the metro, where to get a nice coffee, where to buy fresh food and how to buy a good wine.
Please feel free to ask to feed a craving such as a croissant or the best pain au chocolat of your arrondissement.
If you feel more adventurous, get out of the beaten path and hop in a cab to see more of Paris.
Ask the cab to put the meter on ;) | Orientation tour. See Left bank and city Islands | Lunch in a nearby restaurant Pain d'épices. 12 Rue Jean du Bellay, 75004 Paris. | Visit St Chapelle and/or Conciergerie | Walk to Place Dauphine and Pont Neuf

five days of Paris Art tours in Paris (1).png

Day 2 - Louvre + Mona Lisa

A tour guide will get you inside the biggest museum on earth:

The Louvre was born as a fortress in 1200's and now is transformed into a the most beautiful museum.

Thanks to my license, we will skip-the-line to see the amazing Art Masterpieces collection.

Discover the amazing stories behind the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci, and understand the artists logic behind these iconic masterpieces.

See the Winged Victory, the Venus de Milo, the biggest paintings in the red room.

The whole tour can done take only 2 to 3 hours of your precious time in Paris.

Unless to stop to take a selfie in front of La Joconde, which is fine, everyone does it! | Louvre | Lunch at Café Marly | Walk through the Tuilleries gardens, Concorde square, Champs Elysée and Arc of Triumph

Louvre Day 1.png

Day 3 - Tastings and Bohemian Life

During this walk and taste tour in a very central chic quarter called le Sentier, get invited inside a famous Boulangerie to see how the artisans make the french baguette and croissant.

Go inside a chocolate factory and meet with a chocolate artist.

Taste his creations (home made chocolate with exotic and fresh ingredients) while we learn about how the chocolate was first introduced in Paris.

Let's go to a local wine shop in Montmartre and understand how french people mix certain types of wine with a selection of regional cheese.

Let's see how coffee was brought to Paris the first time, and learn about the process of making Champagne and many more surprises along the way! | Food tour | Go to Montmartre and Sacré Coeur

Montmartre Saturday.png

Day 4 - Go to Versailles Palace

A small trip to Versailles Gardens by car? 

Visit the Palace of the King Louis and learn about the royal culture and history of France. 

Take a stroll in the beautiful gardens of the Queen's Hamlet, where Marie Antoinette used to organize her gatherings.

See how the French royal family used to live, to eat, to dance in the apartments of the King Louis.

Experience this extraordinary life during the golden age of France. | Versailles highlights | Lunch at les Philosophes in le Marais | Walk in le Marais and Place de Vosges

Versailles Wednesday.png

Rainy Day - City car tour of Paris

With the help of a driver in Paris at our entire disposal, we will cruise the city landmarks in only 3 hours to see everything that you need to discover in Paris :
See the Eiffel Tower.
See the richest Avenue of the World : les Champs-Elysées.
See the big pyramid made of glass next to the Louvre, and step inside the Louvre Museum for a quick tour while the driver is waiting. | Pick-up by the Driver + Tour Guide. See all the landmarks | Lunch in Angelina | Visit the Opera Garnier | Wine tasting in a local bar with natural wines

City Tour Thursday.png

Last day - Eiffel tower and department store

To say goodbye to Paris, you can climb to Eiffel tower summit and take the elevator to the top and enjoy the view.

Take some souvenir pictures.

You can also visit Le Bon Marché, Le Printemps Haussman, or Lafayette Galleries, BHV, La samaritaine to do some shopping. | Eiffel tower and summit | Lunch in Le Bistrot Saint Dominique or restaurant La Fontaine de Mars | Visit a department store or go to Place Vendome

Eiffel Tower Friday.png

We select memorable experiences.

We love the tours that are run with ease and positive energy.

We found private guided tours of Paris that are designed to be interactive.

Ask me as many questions as you want by email.

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