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What is the Louvre guided tour?

The Louvre Guided Tour is a walking experience in the greatest National Museum of France, conducted by professional guide-conferencier, accredited by the ministry of Culture of France and regulated by the French Guide Association.

Who can offer a guided tour in the Louvre Museum?

Only the guide conferenciers - guide lecturers and the official guides of the Louvre can offer you a guided tour inside the museum of the Louvre.

The guide conférencier can be hired independently by email or via a platform.

What is the best tour in the Louvre?

The best tour in the Louvre is the highlights tour of the Louvre, which is the best option for a first time trip to Paris.

I also offer a family friendly tour in the Louvre adapted for kids.

For a second time in the Louvre, the best option is to take a themed tour.

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The quickest trail in the Louvre is the 2 hours Masterpieces trail

1 - See the remains of the Louvre medieval Fortress in the grounds of the museums for 10 minutes.

2 - Get close to the Sphinx of Tanis and the Egyptian artefact found by Napoleon next to the big Sphinx of Giza for 10 minutes

3 - Go on the right and upstairs until you see the Venus de Milo and explore the Greco-Roman sculptures for 10 minutes.

4 - See the Hellenistic masterpiece of The Winged Victory.

5 - After the winged Victory you can chose from the Apollo Gallery on your left or the botticelli paintings. I recommend the Apollo Gallery because it is the most decorated room in the Louvre and by far, the most expensive room in the world.

The apollo gallery was built by the famous artistic King Louis XIV who made this room before building the Hall of Mirror of Versailles as a draft.

At that time, France was number one super power of the world and the King would welcome ambassadors from the world to show them the French craftsmanship in this very room : enjoy the Mastery of Gold, Marble, Wood, Jewellery, Tapestry art and many more !

6 - Go to the Grande  Gallery and enjoy the Da Vinci Paintings among the Italian Renaissance paintings.

Then go to the State Room where you can see the biggest painting of the museum called Wedding of Cana.

Just in front of the superstar: the Mona Lisa !

After the Mona Lisa you can choose to go left or right. Both are fine.

On the left there is the Liberty guiding the people

On the right, you will find the Napoleon coronation.

Depending on your taste in Art you can either enjoy both as it take only two minute from one painting to another.

Or chose to go the Liberty guiding the people.

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Why hire a tour guide for the Louvre ?

1 - If your tour guide is licensed then you can skip the waiting line.

2 - A tour guide can make you win more time by navigating inside the museum without looking for directions.

3 - A private tour guide can explain art history in its context, give you firsthand stories and fun facts, answer questions as you ask and create a discussion around art.

4 - A guide can bring to life an object of Art. Some guides use helpful visual aids that you can't find in the museum to make a parallel and understand the context more.

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This is not your first visit in the Louvre:

- Explore more rooms : French Paintings, Greco Roman Sculptures, Egypt Dept, Islamic arts, Mesopotamia or Asian and American arts.

- Enjoy a bespoke themed tour.

For more Baroque and Rococco Art, you need to combine the Louvre with a visit to Versailles from Paris.

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What are the themed tours of the Louvre?

The Louvre is the biggest museum and has the richest Art History collection in the Western World, many guides have invented new and surprising themed tours around paintings, sculpture or a famous figure or a society topic.

Here a few examples of what you can book :

1 - Sculptures themed tour in the Louvre

2 - Da Vinci and Italian paintings themed tour in the Louvre

3 - Napoleon themed tour in the Louvre

4 - Egypt themed tour in the Louvre

5 - Mesopotamia themed tour in the Louvre

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Booking by email

To book the Louvre private tour, please send me a direct email.

For a last-minute tour, please check if you can have tickets and then send the email to inquire for a booking.

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