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A Guide & a friend
in Paris

Write me a direct email for a tour guide service in Paris.

We can help you with a guided tour in the Louvre, Versailles, Musée D'Orsay & L'Orangerie.

Thank you for detailing and sending your request.
It will be our pleasure to answer your questions withing 24 hours.

We will only answer serious requests corresponding to our services :

Hold a date for a guided tour ?

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Consultation around Paris Museums, Exhibits and Art History

Please introduce your request respectfully for a :

  • Project collab, planning an itinerary or a new tailor-made guided tour creation in Paris: 

    • Network of people : in Art, in gastronomy, in Food, in History, in City hall, the Senate of Paris center.

    • Find you contacts and organize a café.

    • Find you recommendations in Paris for website links or special articles writing.

  • Ask me about the best tour guides I have been in collab with.

  • Get the accurate information about how to buy museum passports and how to skip the line

  • how to get in touch with a nice and safe driver or any other request in that sens.

Connect with us for Influencer services

For a question about Writing Content on Paris or Design and copy writing in European Art, History of Art in France, Travel to Paris articles, website Audit and consultation, marketing strategies or planning a perfect trip around Art ... I am here to help.

For a last-minute request for Juliana as your tour guide in Paris : please use the direct email, or my whatsapp Number, or the form below and add the mention "Urgent" or "Important" in your message and I will answer you promptly.

Best regards,

0033 7 80 87 03 29

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We aim to plan

the Perfect five days to enjoy Art in Paris

five days of Art in Paris.png

Why Paris ?

What really makes Paris so famous ?

In the last centuries, the city of Paris has known a major transformation and became a place that favors the perfection of Design, Art creativity, Science study and technical innovation.

Many Designers, Writers and Investors adopted Paris center as their new Home city. 

This is not new, or a trend. For the last 8 centuries, Paris has been the birthplace of new Art Movements such as Gothic Art and Illustrated manuscripts. These Arts have made the reputation of Paris for being the new home for Creativity.

During the years 1300, tourists would make the difficult and long trip just to get inside the Sainte-Chapelle and see the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

That's how, Paris became a touristy city. It did not stop there. 

From the Renaissance classics to the modern Impressionists, Paris has been the theater of some of the most significant turning points in Art history. Travelers wander in the winding paved streets and enjoy the perfect service à la française, the luxury hotels, the fashion boutiques, the gourmet paradise and of course the monuments and the museums.

They steal a picture from here and there, they capture a river cruise and wave to the locals...

But, looking is not the same as understanding and seeing is not the same as feeling.

Hiring a Julie as your tour guide will make things easier, give you explanations about what you see, give you insights, experience better things.

Paris represented progress and still does : for us, the city is the perfect marriage of the old and the new.

No one can really define Paris in just one word: the city is a cuisine of political power, artistic expression, architectural prowess and technological innovation...


The city owns the biggest museum on earth: the Louvre and protects the richest collection in the world.

Paris was home to the most influential figures like Hemmingway, Napoleon and Picasso.

No one can deny that Paris is a reference in Art, architecture. The city hosts every year the world fashion week.

This is where you take cuisine classes if you want to become a known chef.

Nothing really changed, today, Paris is still home to many designer studios, innovators, book writers, painters and famous artists... Numerous innovations in science, industry, and medicine were made in Paris center. Today, The France's most successful CEOs live in the Golden Triangle Estate of Paris. Many investors buy luxurious apartments in the same quarter.  


The Luxury industry is now centered in the famous Place Vendôme but we can visit The Louis Vuitton foundation, at the outskirts of the city with a private driver.

The Freemasonry lodged its first headquarters here in Paris, they built the huge Notre Dame with a genuine architecture techniques during the middle ages.

Paris is the political Capital of France, the French President live and work from his apartment located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, right next to the Senate in the 5th arrondissement and to the National Assembly in the 7th.

I believe that a real understanding of the city inner workings will elevate your experience.

We will learn how this city was built in the Roman times and then in middle ages, and rebuilt with Napoleon.

We will learn about its values and how they evolved to our current situation, how this artsy city resisted the occupation and why Paris is elected the most beautiful city in the world.

Passionate & Dynamic professional guides

Designing, planning, guiding, writing, taking care of our visitors in Paris

We are a young team with different skills and ambitious goals.
Each order will be the center of our attention.

Plan 5 days in Paris

author five days in Paris.jpg

We customize an itinerary for 5 days in Paris + the reservations + tickets.

Topics : Art, Gourmet, Shows, Culture, History, Architecture, Society

Guest posts in Art & History

Louvre Artist.jpg

Write original guest posts about Art and History.

I will do the full research and write a 100% original content.

From 850 to 1500 words

For Creators

creators five days in Paris.jpg

Are you a creative in search for inspiration?

We helped young Creators from New York to Los Angeles: YouTube producers, movie producers, art directors, sound artists get what they were looking for when they came to Paris for five days.


Making a Soundtrack for a movie around General Lafayette:

We curated a special guided tour and made a map to help the artist in his research for Lafayette locations and stories around his life.


Journalistic project, a book project, a piece of music or finding a perfect location in Paris?

For Agents and B2B

Family Vacation

We can help you with welcoming your clients in Paris.

We can write & plan new private activities around Art for your clients.

Consulting : We will edit your catalogs on our website to present your services with a professional link.

Contact : Schedule a Whatsapp Call with our content maker?

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