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The Top Restaurants in Paris for a Special Occasion

My fiancé and I have tried many different restaurants in Paris, including affordable gourmet meals.

We wanted to focus our time on this trip by finding new restaurants that were ideal for a nicer sit-down meal. These restaurants were the perfect atmosphere for a romantic meal. However, they're also great for any Paris visitors who want to try new culinary experiences while in Paris.


Lapérouse has been open since 1766 in Paris. This restaurant is one of the oldest Paris eateries, famous for its romantic atmosphere. It has housed many celebrities since it opened its doors in the 1700s. Lapérouse is a must-try while in France because of its long history and excellent gourmet food offerings.

This special occasion location was one of our favorite places to enjoy a meal. It has such a unique history that we wanted to eat here every day. For example, the elegant mirrors which hang throughout the restaurant all feature scratches. Supposedly, women would run their jewelry against the mirrors to see if the diamonds were real many years ago.

We loved every part of our experience at Lapérouse, from the warm bread and butter served as an appetizer to the mouthwatering profiterole we ordered for dessert. We noticed the restaurant was very busy when we arrived, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. If you have to wait for a table, you can order a drink at the bar area while soaking in the atmosphere.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

This eatery is a 3-star Michelin option with a view. You will need a reservation for this restaurant, as they do not allow walk-ins. As our first Michelin-star restaurant experience, we enjoyed the exquisite food served during our visit.

This restaurant has a welcoming environment that is not typically associated with Michelin star restaurants, helping create an incredible meal. It was even voted Best Restaurant in the World in 2020. As this is a 3-star Michelin restaurant, the prices are slightly higher than other options on the list. We recommend going to Restaurant Guy Savoy for a special occasion, like a birthday, engagement, or if you have a larger restaurant budget for the trip.

You'll find a set menu with 13 courses when you go to Restaurant Guy Savoy. Expect to see menu items like bursting tomatoes and artichoke soup with black truffles. At the end of the meal, we were excited to taste the desserts, which arrived via trolley.


You can experience L’Ambroisie in the heart of the capital. This restaurant is part haute cuisine and part elegant Parisian eatery. You will find the food to be classic with seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's interior matches the food's aesthetic, providing an elegant atmosphere complete with chandeliers and incredible artwork.

L’Ambroisie is a more formal restaurant that provides a traditional French culinary experience. We had a great meal here, as the staff was friendly and helpful. Though we do not speak French, the wait staff knew enough English to help us with the menu.

One of the top dishes on the menu was the escargot. It was served in a pasta shell, with the snail meat expertly served inside the pasta. Other favorites on the menu include the langoustines, sea bass with artichokes (served with caviar sauce) and chocolate cake. These items also happen to be the restaurant's signature dishes. This is one of the best classy restaurants in Paris, offering an a-la-carte menu to select from.

We saw a Jewish Wedding in Place des Vosges

A stop by L’Ambroisie is not complete until you have tried one of their red wines. This gourmet restaurant in Paris has some of the top wines available on the menu. L’Ambroisie is a 3-star Michelin restaurant that has kept its stars for 30 years. You can find this restaurant in the Place de Vosges.

Next ! Carette in Place des Vosges

Café Carette

Café Carette, also known simply as Carette, is a lovely place that doubles as a tea house. This elegant spot features a Parisian café atmosphere and its proximity to the Eiffel Tower. Depending on the weather and your preferences, you can dine inside or outside.

Café carette

Carette has great food options that are very tasty and arrive in larger portions. If you are going to this spot for the first time, you will enjoy sipping on hot chocolate with whipped cream. You can select a light meal, which comes with a side salad. Or, try one of the sandwiches or salads from the menu. This eatery also has delicious French pastries and desserts to try (like macarons).

You select from various finger sandwiches and homemade bread to go along with tea. Everything is a-la-carte, and there are even a few menu items that cater to vegetarians. This is one of the most popular Paris cafes, so there will likely be a line when you arrive. If you are in a rush, the wait to sit inside Carette is typically much shorter than the wait to sit outside.

This is one of the classy restaurants in Paris that sits in the 11th Arrondissement neighborhood. Fief is a top choice for diners who like eclectic restaurants. Fief stands for “Fait Ici En France," meaning ”Made Here in France.” Their name alone was enough to convince us to check out the restaurant, especially since the restaurant specializes in crafting gourmet meals with only French products and ingredients.

Fief restaurant in Paris

Fief did not disappoint! Expect to receive dishes that are classically served in a French fine dining establishment with a delicious twist. For example, you'll likely see options like pigeon with kimchi made from young carrots. Even the desserts use only ingredients sourced in France so you won't find vanilla or chocolate sweet treats. Instead, you'll see champagne or elderflower-centric dessert.

You can select their tasting menu if you don't want to order a-la-carte. This menu includes a six-course meal made in front of you. We chose this option and were very happy with the experience. You will need a reservation if you choose the tasting menu.

Monsieur Bleu

We wanted one of our meals to include incredible views of the Eiffel Tower without having to battle the crowds of tourists. Monsieur Bleu sits across the Seine from Le Eiffel, offering incredible views without the large groups of people. It has an incredibly elegant interior, which adds to the luxurious feeling of the restaurant.

Monsieur Bleu

Monsieur Bleu is in the Palais de Tokyo, the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris. Even though the museum is typically overly crowded, the restaurant tends to be less overwhelming, even when busy. The only exception to this note is that the Monsieur Bleu can get crowded later at night. Stop by for lunch or an early dinner to skip a too-busy atmosphere.

The food combines traditional French cuisine with a modern, creative twist. We ordered the warm ceviche with salmon, which was flavorful and delicious. Other menu items include charcoal-grilled octopus and spicy marinated beef. While this restaurant is on the nicer side, it has a warm and laid-back vibe. Head to Monsieur Bleu if you want a delicious meal in a slightly more casual environment.

Hotel Lutetia

Hotel Lutetia provides a luxurious interior that's simplistic and modern, creating a unique location to celebrate a special occasion. This elegant restaurant features an impressive bar area decorated with fresco paintings on the walls.

Even though the décor is elegant, the restaurant is more laid-back. We tried the LV Burger and some of the many drink offerings while at Hotel Lutetia. If you go to this restaurant on the weekend, you can listen to live jazz as you enjoy your meal.

You can reach each restaurant with ease by hiring a private driver. This driver can take you from your hotel to nearby attractions and eateries. Additionally, it’s necessary to consider where to spend the night before scheduling your trip. By staying in local guest houses or bed and breakfasts, you can live like a local during your trip. These affordable accommodations offer an excellent location for activities, like tours in Paris.

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