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Travel companion in Paris

What is a travel companion in Paris?

A travel companion in Paris is someone that you can hire to accompany you and lead you to the key classic places without too much knowledge on Art or History.

Much like a guide, a travel companion is sort of a local guide in Paris, who do not have a license and can not answer in-depth questions about History or Art.


You can choose to hire a travel companion, a local friendly Parisian to represent your brand, to roam in Paris city by Metro, to see the city monuments and ask your questions about his local life.

You can have a conversation with someone friendly to share your experience with in Paris.


The representative of your brand will be chosen by you. I will send you profiles and you can pick the person who will can come to the gates of Orly with a sign or Charles de Gaulle international airport and lead you into the RER train, for example.


The companion service is full - The person can come to your hotel and pick you up to go on a easier and safer journey visiting Paris.

If keeping you company is important, showing the classic places without too much details, then this service is perfect and cost-effective compared to a truly qualified tour guide.


For B2B or travel agents, the travel companion can be hired for your clients as a bonus, to represent your company brand values.

Welcome to Paris

Airport reception

I can come pick you up at the Airport and take you by train RER to your hotel.

Later, I will come back to walk with you in Paris and introduce you to the main sites by metro or by cab.

 All transportation/lunch fees will be charged to the client

Charming Cafe

Things we tried in Paris

If you are coming to Paris for the first time, then you need to see the classics of Paris before looking at these original activites.

Below, you will find some rare experiences that we have tried and enjoyed.

Image by Kai Gabriel

French Embroidery of pants

Gold in versailles

See a Gold artist at work in Versailles

Capacity : 2 people Max - Duration 30 min

Make croissants in Paris

Capacity : 4 people Max - Duration 2h

Making croissants in Paris

Veggie Class in Paris

Capacity : 2 people Max - Duration 2h

Simon cuisine in Paris
Image by Alexander Naglestad

Champagne and Wine tasting under the Palais Royal arcades

Capacity : 2 people Max - Duration 1h

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Learn to draw with a French Graphic Designer

meet Juliette in her Art gallery

Visit France by Train

Train companion

Taking the train in France is fairly easy. You can go almost anywhere just by the speedy TGV Train.

We can buy tickets from the SNCF (Major National train company of France) and hop on first class to go visit many places in France.

All transportation/lunch/hotel fees will be charged to the client.

Taking the train in France can be a great way to get around and see more of the country. But planning that trip can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many different options, and it’s hard to know which one is best for your trip. Do you book ahead?

Do you buy your ticket at the station? How do you know what seat to sit in to get where you’re going?

When should you avoid taking the train? What do all those letters after their stations mean? The French train system is vast, connecting almost every corner of the country through an extensive network of tracks. A variety of different trains run on these tracks, each with its own set of rules and regulations for ticketing, boarding, and getting from A to B. The trick is knowing which one makes the most sense for your trip before jumping on board. This article will give you some tips on how to plan a trip on the French train system.

Image by Josh Nezon

Visit Landing Beaches

Train to Normandy

I will help you take the tickets and get on board first class to see Normandy Allied Landing Beaches.


Why visit France country side?

France is a safe and beautiful country

People started going to visit Paris centuries ago.
In my opinion, Paris’s secret and true charm hides in its unique ability to showcase the old and beautiful Baroque façade with the newest most beautiful techniques.
 Throughout history, The city of lights has served as the innovation hub for aspiring philosophers, writers, architects, perfumers, painters…
This made Paris undoubtedly the European capital for innovation and decorative arts.
Today, the city is the home for many famous chefs, art directors, modern designers, and entrepreneurs. 
They live mainly in Le Marais district, in the historical center and lead a quality life where they cultivate their talents and leave their mark within the international community.
The city is a large museum itself. The French made a great effort to preserve the Roman Empire and the Baroque architecture that marks every corner of the city.
Take any turn and you will travel through time here.
Paris is shy to show her royal beginnings, her revolutions, and even its past wars and resistance to her invaders. 
I can take you to walk through the historical villages, medieval curvy alleyways. 
Paris is also known for its café culture instaured since Baudelaire. Parisians love commerce and shopping beautiful things.

But even locals and hardcore Parisians love to go to France's other regions such as Normandy, Brittany, Burgundy and the Alps.

Some of them owns a secondary vacation home, others like me, just love to visit France other sides and discover the charming little villages, the beautiful landscapes and to sit on a deserted beach away from the crowded noisy city of Paris.

Following Inspiring figures

France has been the home of many geniuses and strange characters :

In my everyday life, I follow the footsteps of the amazing kings and the historical figures who lived in France such as Napoleon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lafayette, Hemingway and Alfred Dreyfus...

I still get surprised by modern artists and designers such as Pierre Solages & Karl Lagerfeld or Yves Saint Laurent...

Do you have some one in mind that you want to follow during your trip to Paris ?

Image by Europeana
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