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Did Paris made any good contribution to the World?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Paris as the capital of France has made numerous contributions to the world.


Language for Diplomacy

Did you know that French language was the official language for international diplomacy. Rich, precise, beautiful, the French seduced the world before WWI.

Romantic language and the city of Love

We all know that the French language is regarded as the most romantic language in the world. It is the second most beautiful language after Italian.

Many Asian tourists come to Paris as a must after their wedding to take pictures with all the Parisian monument in the wedding dress.

2-Big Ideas

Paris was the home of the Enlightenment, and most conversations of the Enlightenment are really conversations of its unfurling there. The French Enlightenment was described by the development of a gathering of masterminds, the philosophers, whose compositions tried to give the Enlightenment wherever both a reasoning and a plan.

Parisian people likes to talk, to debate and to express themselves.

The city has the highest noble prizes, literature winners, most successful artists and designers..

It all started on Year 1715 what we called "the Age of Enlightenment". Its big ideas are spread like fire in the small gathering of the Bourgeois of Paris. They discuss humanitarian ideas with the great philosophers: JJ Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire

3- Art and Design

When you say Art, I hear Paris. For me Paris is the center of Art.

There is a reason why Paris is so much advanced in Visual Designs : the Kings of France!

Yes, the kings of France used to spend too much money and gold to get the best paintings, the best poetry for their family and to elevate their power.

Art was used by the church as well to show the Love of God and the devotion of an Artist to his God.

The French Academy of Art used to select young artists who used precision, proportions and style to paint the Masterpiece that we see in the Louvre.

The process to be accepted at the Louvre is very hard.

Paris is very influential in Visual designs and in Art in general. Paris hosts the fashion week. And only Milan can be worthy of Paris

4-Culinary arts and Cuisine

Paris is still the most visited city even after the pandemic. Mainly for its food and for its museums.

Paris has many reputable chef schools. They learn the meticulous art of the French cuisine.

Every famous writers who lived in Paris talked about how amazing the food in Paris is.

From Hemingway, who said that Paris is movable Feast, to Victor Hugo and Marcel Proust and his Madeleine...

5-Famous people who lived and worked in Paris


Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), also known as Napoleon I, was a French military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century. ... Shrewd, ambitious and a skilled military strategist, Napoleon successfully waged war against various coalitions of European nations and expanded his empire

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was an american founding father, he was also an inventor and a great diplomat and a smart politician. He also showed skills as a scientist and as a writer.

He lived 9 years in Paris in the second half of the 1700-s.

He is extremely popular, respected and beloved by French upscale society.

He was given the nickname, “le sage de Boston”

6-Famous contributors who lived in Paris

We can also speak of many other famous people who lived in Paris such as Edith Piaf for music, Freud for psychoanalysis... and Joyce, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Miller, Dali, Maria Callas, Gertrude Stein, Modigliani...and Picasso.

Actually you can come and Visit the museum of Picasso with an excellent professional tour guide in Paris.

7-Science contributions from Paris

Paris is the city with the highest number of Nobel Prizes. The Institute of Pasteur alone has more than 10 Nobel prizes.

Pendulum of Foucault at Pantheon.

Astronomy: First observatory with a telescope in the world was built by King Louis . Now Paris has 3 operating telescopes looking into space.

Paris has sent in space many capsules and probes, that were built in Paris.

Industry innovations:

From Medicine in Paris, to the invention of Cinema and new Photography methods during the 19th century, the discovery of X rays with Marie Curie.

Parisians love science. Today, many parents teach their kids about Science more than anything else. They go to the boutiques like Nature & Découvertes to buy eco friendly toys and science experiences to awaken the little children for the magic of Science.

Many successful researches in Chemistry and in Physics were done in small Parisian Labs.

The Parisian even used the Botanic gardens of Paris. You can visit the botanic gardens with a tour guide in Paris and hear about the many researches on plants virtues and animals behavior.

8-Art innovation.

Impressionism was an avant garde, and you can see this in Orsay. I also advise you to go see the Art et Métiers museum to explore how inventors used to roll their inventions to show it to the public in the turn of the century.

The Freemasons has given us the amazing Quality of life that we enjoy today. Thanks to their fight for science and logic, we enjoy a better Health in the world.


Paris is the city with the highest number of Museums. Paris is home to the biggest collection of Masterpieces in The Louvre.

11-Wonders from Paris

The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame cathedral are definitely two architectural wonders for the world.

Did you know that Paris has also 4 more Statues of Liberty same as the one in New York but smaller ?

12-Fashion week

Paris share the capital of Fashion with Milan. But even Italians admit that the only city that can rival Italian cities is Paris.

13- Paris

Maybe this city is not perfect, but it offers a very good safety and quality of a long pleasant beautiful life.

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