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How to get to the King of Versailles in the 17th Century ?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

By the 17th century, life at the royal courts of Europe have evolved to a circus of etiquette, rituals and particular behaviors. This was seen in every capital of Europe but nowhere more so than in France, Versailles !

Everyone in court had to behave in a certain manner, they had to grapple with endless nuances of etiquette and flattery to the King.

But the ambitious it was the place to be seen !

To get ahead, the ambitious ones needed to get closer to the king.

By all means, wear your finest clothes, get pretty, push with your elbows, pull any strings to get yourself in the presence of the king.

Force your way into sight of this one person, His Majesty, the Sun King, LE ROI SOLEIL, Louis 14th.

This man can truly make a difference into your whole life back then , he could change and improve your prospects, or throw you into prison very deliberately.

The king chose the surname : Soleil which means he is the Sun to symbolize his power and omnipotence on every one and everywhere

Everyone in Europe were seeing the Kings for good favors. This was a system of absolute monarchy and dictatorship. And it was set in stone, nothing can be changed.

The king wrote literally these rules of His, in the most magnificent palace, the biggest anywhere on earth, the most beautiful and most attractive : Versailles ! It was the ultimate Palace.

Versailles was Home for the ultimate King of all Western World.

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