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Reading Art with your Guide lecturer in Paris

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you are looking to understand how to read a piece of Art, then a trip to Paris is necessary. In terms of influence, size and visibility.

No other Museum comes even close to the Louvre.

When it comes to Art History, the Louvre is a major contribution as one of the oldest institutions of the World to select the Art Pieces that earned the right to be hanged on the wall of the global iconic masterpieces.

An accredited quality tour guide can render why these pieces of Art are famous and why they are selected to be displayed in the Louvre.

The Museum is home to some of the most famous geniuses of the High Renaissance such as Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Bosch and Angelo.

Alongside this, political and revolutionary French artists had left their print in the Louvre, among them are Delacroix and David.

The school of western art history has made its headquarters in the capital city of France.

Paris has few selective national institutions that are just created centuries ago to study Visual Arts, but a number of smaller schools for modern perception of Art history are being boosted today. These schools of Art History are as important as the schools of Law or Science in Paris.

The city is home to numerous art historians, art critics, art journalists and guide lecturers who reside here permanently.

In any major city with an emphasis on art, such as Florence, Rome, New York, London or Vienna you can expect to find plenty of artists and art galleries eager to share their creative output with the world.

Art is an essential part of my everyday life. It can be anything from a painting in the Louvre to a photograph made by a modern artist in Pompidou, to a forgotten sculpture in Luxembourg gardens and a huge street art in Montmartre.

The word art is used in so many contexts that it’s sometimes hard to grasp what exactly it truly means. Everyone has his or her own perception, but commonly, however, we use the term art to refer to any form of expression or creative activity that has aesthetic value, Art is Truth and Beauty.

Art is not just arranging spaces, colors and lines on a canvas as an expression of creativity.

An artist is someone who struggles, practices and take the courage to create art that changes somebody’s mind about something.

painting of David and Goliath in the Louvre Grand Gallery
David and Goliath in the Louvre Grand Gallery

Art is a true occupation of the intellect, the heart and the hands

Considering Art as a hobby is a mistake. Self-taught individuals may also be called artists if they are able to create works that meet certain standards of quality and originality. In Paris, these standards are extremely high. I must confess, if you learn about what Da Vinci accomplished and why he is famous, you will be more careful to appreciate other pieces of Art

The city of lights, of Love has long been the capital of the art world. Italian classic Artists and Impressionists from all over the world flock to this dynamic city for inspiration and opportunities. From fine art to fashion week, no other city comes close to offering as much opportunity to different artists looking to enjoy many types of Arts in the same trip.

The art world of Paris much more complex than any other industry of Paris. The city has quarters and places where art is made, places where money flows in the art market, and museums where art is consumed.

This is what attracted the world’s most influential artists for centuries, making it a thriving hub for contemporary artists from around the world.

In fact, the influence of Paris on the art world is so strong that some call it the “New Rome”.

Did you know that Art contributed to the Birth of the French Republic?

On July 14th, 1789, the people of Paris rose up against the tyranny of the monarchy. The French Revolution had begun. For the first time in history, the people were in control. They would choose their own destiny.

The French Revolution was a time of great change. The people of Paris were at the forefront of this change. They were the ones who deposed the king and proclaimed the Republic. They were the ones who fought for their rights and freedoms. And they were the ones who created the beautiful art that would come to define the city.

The Birth of the Masterpiece: Liberty Guiding the People

On August 15th, 1799, the people of Paris witnessed the birth of a masterpiece. The painting, “Liberty Leading the People”, was unveiled to the public. It was an instant success.

The painting, which now hangs in the Louvre, is a symbol of the French Revolution. It depicts the people of Paris as they fought for their freedom. The figure of Liberty, leading the people forward, is an enduring symbol of hope and inspiration.

The painting is a reminder of the power of art. It is a reminder of the power of the people. It is a reminder of the power of Paris.

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