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Where to Find delicious Vegetarian Food in Paris

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

When I first arrived in Paris, I was concerned there would not be many vegetarian offerings as I try to keep my diet primarily meatless.

I was happily surprised to see that many restaurants carry vegetarian menu items. I have gathered my favorite restaurants with the best vegetarian food in Paris in the list below.

If you’re planning to visit Paris and have a vegetarian diet, you will want to stop by these restaurants in Paris to fuel up before continuing with your tours in Paris or other activities. The best part about these restaurants is that they have healthy food offerings, so you can maintain your diet during your trip.


My fiancé and my first stop when we arrived in Paris was Soya. This vegetarian restaurant offers healthy food in Paris. You can even stop by if you have gluten allergies, as most of the items on the menu are gluten-free.

This Paris restaurant specializes in bio food, which falls under the EU standard for organic farming. It’s run out of an old faucet store, providing a cool atmosphere for a meal. The food here is vegan, but it’s so tasty that you won’t mind that the dishes do not have any dairy.

We loved how affordable the food was at Soya, with most menu items ranging between 6 and 20 euros. It was easy for us to get an entire meal for about 50 euros total (25 euros per person), including drinks and desserts. Soya has different menu options, from casual eats to French-inspired entrees. We tried the Tartare d'algues fraîches (fresh seaweed tartare) as one of our main dishes. It includes capers, pickles, cashews, toasted sesame, and fresh ginger.

Save room for dessert, as the seasonal fruit crumble is very tasty.

My Kitch’n

Next on our list of must-try restaurants in Paris is My Kitch’n. This restaurant is run by Jennifer Eric and is kid-friendly, with many books available to read during a trip. It's an excellent spot for families who want to visit one of the available vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

The ingredients for this restaurant are locally sourced and organic. My Kitch’n tries to use seasonal produce as often as possible in the recipes. You can also stop by this eatery while on the go, as they have delicious green smoothies.

We found this restaurant in the residential area of Batignolles as we explored the charming shops in the neighborhood. The menu has an eclectic mix of foods, like a sushi burrito, chili, and risotto. While stopping at My Kitch'n, we tried the Tex Mex burrito, which is also gluten-free. It had tasty seasonal veggies, rice, and beans. Plus, it came with a side salad.

Afterward, we each ordered a digestif from the menu and chatted in the restaurant's cozy atmosphere.

PH7 Equilibre

You will also find the food at PH7 Equilibre to fall under the bio category. It is run by a mother and daughter team who offers unique food in Paris. Each vegetarian menu item is crafted to keep the acid-base balance in the body.

The idea behind the restaurant is that you will be in optimal health by eating foods that help balance your PH or keep it balanced. The ingredients used in the recipes are organic and seasonal. You can also find gluten-free and vegan options when visiting PH7 Equilibre. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean, Indian, and Provencal flavors, creating items with a unique taste.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday each week for lunch. It was our favorite spot for a quick, healthy meal. We loved that the menu items were customized for each of us and made to order. PH7 Equilibre also houses cooking classes. We didn’t make it to one of the cooking classes but have it on our list of things to do during our next Paris visit.

Wild & the Moon

We were happy to find out that Wild & the Moon has many Paris locations, which made it easy to incorporate it into our trip a few different times. There are locations in places like Demours, Amelot, and Charenton.

The ingredients for the recipes are specially picked, with items that are organic. If you plan to eat here, expect the menu items to be very healthy. The meals are nutrient-rich and don’t include items like sugar, even the sweeter menu items.

Each day, you'll find a new special. We enjoyed trying the daily special during each visit and were never disappointed. It was a great restaurant for staying healthy during our trip. Plus, they have options for detox juices, snacks, and more that you can take to go. We stocked up on a few juices, granola, popcorn, and energy bars while visiting Wild & the Moon.

Pur, Etc.

Pur, Etc. has delicious food made with locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Originally, this restaurant was created in Strasburg. It recently opened a location in Paris. We stumbled across Pur, Etc. and were happily surprised. The menu features affordable options, with entrees around 13 euros per person.

Quite a few choices are listed on the menu, so you can easily find something that you enjoy. We tried the lasagna, which has soy protein as the meat replacement. It's made with a Bolognese sauce and dairy-free cheese. This comforting meal was a great way to fuel up between activities and visiting local attractions.

The food is easy and convenient to purchase from Pur, Etc. You can pre-order online, stop by the restaurant, and order in person, or get food to go.

La Grenier de Notre Dame

This restaurant holds a special place in our hearts, as it was one of the first vegetarian restaurants which opened in Paris in 1978. The entrees are a bit higher in cost (between 16 and 19 euros), but the quality of the food and the flavor makes the price more than worth it.

La Grenier de Notre Dame has a cool, trendy atmosphere, making it a great location for a date or a nicer vegetarian meal. You’ll find a little bit of everything at this restaurant, including veggie burgers, couscous dishes, salads, and savory baked goods (like a seasonal tart).

The primary protein in the dishes at La Grenier de Notre Dame is seitan. It's used for everything from burgers to other various dishes. It helps provide a "meaty" flavor to the recipes.

We recommend the vegan cheese platter if you have extra room after eating an entrée. It was tasty and perfect for both of us, who typically enjoy dairy. There are also vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.

Pita Paris

Affordable and tasty, we enjoyed eating at Pita Paris for a healthy meal. The menu includes different pitta sandwiches with fresh veggies for a quick and tasty lunch. This restaurant is geared toward vegetarians, not vegans, as the offerings include eggs.

Other menu items include a hummus plate with chickpeas, za’atar, and olives, a roasted eggplant plate, and tasty desserts. The entrees are only 4.5 euros here, with plates and pita sandwiches starting at 7 euros.

You can elect to grab a beer, glass of wine, or fresh fruit juice to pair with your meal. We tried the mango nectar with our meal and were happy to find it very fresh tasting.

Vegebowl Paris

This restaurant in Saint-Martin is another affordable vegetarian spot. It features Asian cuisine with a vegetarian or vegan makeover. You can get your favorite dumplings, rolls, soups, and noodle dishes without meat.

Vegebowl Paris features many different Asian-inspired menu items, with the option to select Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai dishes. Try the pho; it's one of the tastiest things on the menu. We also enjoyed sticky rice with "chicken" inside a banana leaf.

Other, healthier options are also available, like papaya salad. You can pick various dishes that align with your dietary needs from this restaurant.

Consider traveling and planning your meals for five days in Paris with a tour guide when exploring the city. You can see some of the top visual art and monuments by scheduling tours in Paris without worrying about transportation or logistics.

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