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Wild beach in Naxos, Greece - 4 hours from Paris by airplane

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

During Summer 2022, I went on a trip to Greece to see the preserved natural beaches of Naxos Island. We stayed in the Family-owned hotel : Villa Faros of Naxos.

All the reviews on internet are true: The charming hotel was very well located; the staff is friendly, and the rooms were clean and comfortable.

How to Go to Naxos Villa Faros from Paris Center?

Naxos Island has a small airport, and it is 25 minutes far from Athena. If you travel from Paris, you need to switch airplanes in Athena. The whole trip (cabs and flights) can take up to 5 hours.

VTC driver from Paris center to Charles De Gaulle Airport

As we had a lot of luggage with our very young children, we booked a safe driver from Paris with the company: Limo Premium Services who had a booster seat and a big van.

Serge, our driver, was on time and drove us to Charles de Gaulle very early at morning. The driver drove slowly to avoid that the baby gets car sick and the trip to the airport was excellent.

We booked the fast track with Air-France, and we got inside the airplane like a VIP but without the first-class seat. We sat in Economy because it is almost the same thing on Air-France. The fast track is useful if you want to get a fast access to the airplane without the struggle of waiting with your stroller and impatient kids. You can also get the First-class Lounge in the airport for an additional fee.

This can be handy when there is a delay.

The flight was on time. The duration was 2h15. We traveled with the Air France A320 from Paris, France to Athena, the capital of Greece. The airplane was clean, and the staff was friendly. They served coffee and toast and juice for breakfast.

Arrival to Athena

We arrived to Athena early morning. We switched to Aegean Olympic airlines, in the same airport, to take a small but loud airplane with helices for max 40 passengers for about 25 minutes only.

The low altitude if the flight can get you 4g internet during this local ✈️ flight.

Enjoy the view on the beautiful blue sea and the islands with their mountains, the yellow sand, and their crystal-clear blue beaches.

Arrival to Naxos

As soon as we landed on Naxos Island, Nikos, one of the hotel managers came with his red van to pick us up. You can feel he is a father too, as he was very careful with our kids.

Nikos drove very cautiously as well on the winding roads of Naxos Island that he knew by heart.

Vicky welcomed us at the reception and took us on a quick tour of the hotel. The room was ready.

Reception at Villa Faros Hotel in Naxos
Reception at Villa Faros Hotel in Naxos

The hotel Villa Faros:

The hotel has a positive energy.

Naxos - Included breakfast Villa Faros Hotel
Naxos - Included breakfast Villa Faros Hotel

Thanks to the family running the show since the 90s, and the young staff of the restaurant being very helpful, you really feel at Home.

As I spent many nights at the bar drinking the local beer of Naxos, I had many interesting conversations with other guests. It seems that everyone is here for at least their 5th time. I was the only one discovering this hidden gem for the first time. They told me: “You will be back soon, you will see”

The restaurant of the Hotel is located next to the wild beach, giving a superb view on the cedar forest.

The restaurant’s food is very healthy. The mama’s recipes are amazingly good. This part of the hotel is managed by Nikos brother: Stephanos who learned to speak English and a little bit of French.

Stephanos is honest and polite. We went to his restaurant almost every day, as I am a vegetarian, and the rest of the island don’t offer quality food: veggie options and clean tables are rare. My kids can play in the restaurant with the wild cat who naps on this peaceful restaurant’s couch.

Salad Food at Villa Faros Hotel Restaurant in Naxos
Haalthy Food at Villa Faros Hotel Restaurant in Naxos

Villa Faros restaurant offers a very delicious Greek cuisine. For a vegetarian, you will find many options of tasty oven-cooked vegetable plates and Mediterranean salads. Some of the ingredients came directly from the garden of the hotel where the family is growing in the shade many Basil plants, few Rosemary trees, thyme, lime, cactus fruits, and many olive trees.

Pool at Villa Faros Hotel in Naxos
Pool at Villa Faros Hotel in Naxos

The pool of the hotel is private and reserved to only guests. It is cleaned thoroughly every morning.

The kids enjoyed playing while other guests enjoyed swimming and getting a sun bath, reading a book or a beer at Vicky’s bar right next to the Pool.

Here, they serve beer in a frozen glass, like in Japan.

Visits from Naxos

Filoti Village – 30 minutes drive from Faros Villa

If you want to see the locals and take beautiful pictures and buy some souvenirs, you need to drive to Filoti Village. This picturesque village located between mountains right in the heart of the Island, away from the beaches, will give the real feeling of living in Naxos.

We visited the church. Then we ate lunch at the so local restaurant of the village square, not even listed on Internet.

Demeter Temple – Goddess of Agriculture

Near the village of Sangri, you can drive up to a Greek Temple that was built with Marble stones, during the 6th century BC. The nearby villagers used to come to the temple and use it as a forum to discuss agriculture and give some wine to the gods. To please the goddess, they poured wine in the temple underground tubes.

I was a little bit disappointed as there was not much to see: Few columns and a restored building that can give you an idea of how grand this temple used to be. However, you should go: The valley landscapes are still gorgeous.

As a European, it is always a good idea to show interest and respect to our neighbor European cultures in front of our kids, I believe that’s how we get them hooked to learn about our common History and build a stronger European Union.

Naxos city , Port and the Venetian quarter

You can visit the Naxos city for shopping. Next to the Port, there is a local restaurant "IRINIS" that was recommended by a Jeweller in Naxos center.

Naxos greece, city center - local houses
Naxos center - local houses

We went to see the Venetian houses: Apparently, some Venetian traders and their families came to the island of Naxos and settled in a quarter on the summit of the Naxos city.

Rich with a Venetian architecture, some of these houses are private, others were repaired by the French and transformed into a public museum and a cultural center, the rest are gone. You can visit some art galleries keeping few elements of the Venetian architecture.

There is a unique catholic church on the summit of the city built by the Venetian traders that you can visit. A nearby café offers a view on all the Island and a break room.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation. Feel free to reach out for any question about Paris or travel.


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