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I believe in United Europe through Travel, Art, and Culture

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Birth of Europe

Greeks were critical to the formation of modern Europe. The Greeks developed the basics of Science, Philosophy and Democratic consultation culture that was significant to the evolution that birthed Europe of Today.

Greek actively colonized regions, expanding their colonies overseas. The indigenous occupants of modern-day Italy and the Marseille had a common Phocaea language and a culture that entailed the unification of the people, including a religion. As the Greeks and Romans colonized the rest of modern-day Europe, they attained an ideal civilization with a Tax system, organized military and administrative politics that formed today social and political institutions, including governments that birthed political science.

Cities such as Rome began to emerge, and the cities grew mightily in power and influence, resulting in the formation of political law and the adoption of the Latin language. Military force would continue to grow with such movements as the Industrial Revolution that led to the development of modern-day transport systems and the French Revolution, which resulted in the formation of a liberal government following the overthrowing of the monarchy and the French nobles from the ruling. As these civilizations came together, they would intertwine to form a society guided by a unique set of values.

Europe is made up of archenemies that united after engaging in different levels of wars. However, Europe is committed with a stable political tide. As these nations came together, different values were brought on board, as olden differences were disregarded to make a new modern European culture.

To date, Europe has been guided by different shared values, inspired from the French Revolution and the Lights philosophers. These values include Human dignity, Justice, solidarity. To enforce it, Europe can only use economic sanctions if members do not respect the basic values. European Nations must allow people to have personal freedom, permitting all citizens to have individual autonomy, the freedom to express social solidarity, ethnic tolerance, promotion of gender equality, democracy, and mandatory school for all European children.

These values have continued to reflect in the lives of the European citizens, as they reveal more awareness to these values than the world citizens. Remarkably, the importance of personal freedom and gender equality is deeply entrenched in the Europeans.

Our grandfathers United Europe

In many cases, non-Europeans perceive the importance of a united Europe more than Europeans do. Europe has attained so much progress in economy, science and technology for others, particularly developing nations, to look up to and emulate. Some of these achievements include the promotion of peace and democracy. Other attainments include natural prosperity, creativity, and the advancement of social security. However, these achievements stand to be lost if Europe does not unite. A united Europe is essential for the member states and the entire world.

Europe is a crucial player in the world, owing to its role in the global economy. Moreover, there are many endeavors and ideals to be attained but are only achieved as Europe unites together.

The world is also in dire need of climate protection, with the United Nations reports unveiling disturbing predictions of storms, sea rises, fires, hot summers... However, to attain the climate goals, all the nations would have to work together to ensure that all goals are met to protect the environment. To establish equitable rules on climate change consequences throughout the world, Europe will have to unite since once the European Union speaks; it is heard and listened to worldwide. Therefore, the member states' unity will benefit the individual member states.

What can we do at our level?

As Europeans, we are in need to connect to each other. We must confess, our countries are dependent on a robust and thriving tourism industry. It is a chance to use our advanced and comfortable transportation means, to travel to Europe and learn about each other.

We should promote “Art tourism” to maintain our European cultural heritage. Additionally, linguistic diversity is a means of safeguarding the national origin of a country. As people share and engage, cultures get exchanged.

The exchange of culture is essential to the unity of a block. Since culture is retained and preserved in the language, it is necessary and imperative for member states to learn each other's languages.

Languages help us dive into the culture and therefore, creates a sense of unity, as member states get to share ideas and cultural beliefs. By learning one another's language, we would eliminate the misunderstandings.

Finally, we must understand each other's history to share a common understanding of where we come from, and we want to go. Today, Europe’s enemies try to rewrite history. If we all share the same History ledger, it would be difficult to alter it, and thus to manipulate us.

A nation's heritage is preserved in its true history. As countries learn about each other's history, they share in the heritage, attaining unity as they help take prestige in each other's attainments. Therefore, to attain a more united Europe, it would be essential for the Europeans to take pleasure into travelling inside of Europe, learn about each others, share and preserve their common heritage.

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